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While the internet is replete with literary resources, including many dedicated to poetry, the primary interest of the Friends of William Stafford is to provide a selection of online resources that support our primary mission. Ours is to advance an awareness of the benefits of literary arts in our every day lives. It is about discovery and enlightenment.

William Stafford leaned forward into his own life, "listening for the next sound," and "rubbing words together until something sparked." He believed that treasures were to be found beneath your feet, and that searching for things that fit together was to follow the "golden thread." About his own works, he once commented, "I have woven a parachute out of everything broken."

We encourage each seeker to push on and explore. Doing so will lead to even more discoveries beyond what you find here. When you find something that you want to share, let us know.

Frequent your local libraries. See if they have programs for writers and poets. If not, perhaps you can get one started. Bookstores are wonderful resources for writers and poets as well. In the spirit of William Stafford, we encourage you to get together and share your work. If you are not able to find a connection to literary activities or events in your area, let us know. We can help.

Meanwhile, consider becoming a Friend of William Stafford.