In 2014 The Friends of William Stafford took part in and contributed to a year long global celebration of William Stafford's life, work and legacy.

We helped to provide timely information about the activities happening across the country, and around the world. We created a sister website to calendar and broadcast news about all the events that took place throughout the centennial. It was an amazing year.

The site turned out to be a great way to keep the world informed. So much so that we continued to utilize the events site throughout 2015.

In 2016 we decided it was time to update and improve not only the events calendar, but our entire website. With the help of a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust we begun to total upgrade to our website and are busy working on some exciting changes.

We are hoping to launch our new site by early June. We are expecting it to be a great improvement. Visitors will be able to join Friends of William Stafford, make donations, announce an event, publicize new works about William Stafford, purchase our special edition letterpress broadsides and a lot more. Of course, we will add a blog and link our new site to social networks. We will even have a place for new works by writers and poets to showcase work inspired by William Stafford.

Keep in touch with how we are doing by checking our Facebook Page. We will be posting update there.

Be sure to sign up for our Email News. Doing so, will ensure that you get the latest news about events, activities, awards and accomplishments that are in accord with the primary mission of Friends of William Stafford.

Current Issues are only available to Participating Friends. Of course, we always welcome new friendships.
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