On Jan. 17, 2014, beloved poet William Stafford would have turned 100. The Friends of William Stafford will take part in and contribute to a year long global celebration of his life, work and legacy.

To help provide timely information about the activities happening around the country, and in all parts of the world, Friends of William Stafford has set up a companion site, [Stafford100.org] where anyone, anywhere can post information about activities and events related to the Centennial. New posts are being added all the time and the listings will continue to grow as events and celebrations are added throughout the year. Oregon Poet Laureate Paulann Petersen, who has coordinated January Birthday events since the late 1990s, is encouraging the world to take part in honoring William Stafford. Paulann offers the following advice about how to take part.:

“Events will take place throughout 2014. All 365 days of the year are possible. Holding an event during January as a “traditional” January Stafford Birthday Celebration is great. But if you want to pick a month with better weather, or National Poetry Month, or International Day of Peace, or Earth Day, or Oregon’s birthday, that’s good too. Or perhaps you’d like to combine your organization’s anniversary with a Stafford Celebration, or throw a birthday party for your favorite bookstore with a Stafford Celebration. This is a chance to be creative and innovative. We’ll be celebrating Bill’s birthday all year long!

“Events taking place everywhere will be listed on the master calendar. When you’ve decided what you want to do to celebrate the Stafford Centennial, go to http://stafford100.org/signon/ and request a password for access to the event posting form. Once you receive a password you can enter the details about your event.”

How would you like to best celebrate William Stafford in 2014? Consider the following examples:

• Write your own poem-a-day?
• Consider becoming a member of Friends of William Stafford.
• Give a gift of membership.
• Purchase a Stafford Letterpress Broadside.
• Let us know. Write to us (friends@williamstafford.org).

In the poem “Vocation,” one of Stafford’s many tributes inspired by his parents, he writes their advice: “Your job is to find what the world is trying to be.” That’s ever the challenge – especially during this Centennial Year.

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Current Issues are only available to Participating Friends. Of course, we always welcome new friendships.
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