Each of the following selections appeared in previous issues of the Friends of William Stafford Newsletter
A Telephone Line Grows Cold – Jarold Ramsey
Appetite – Paulann Petersen
Civil Disobedience – Mark Mitchell
Comb and Rake – Marvin Bell
Differences – Don Colburn
For William Stafford – Henry Taylor
For William Stafford – Kimberly King
If My Father Had Died In August – Sulima Malzin
In The English Language Stacks – Paulann Petersen
Kites – James DePreist
Last Light – Hermon Joyner
Listening To Poetry In A
Language I Do Not Understand
– Naomi Shihab Nye
Offerings – Ingrid Wendt
Only The Traveler Can
Change The Journey
– Thom Ward
Out of Hiding Li-Young Lee
Passing Remark –Dorothy Stafford
Poet's Blood – Emily Teitsworth
Quinn – Paul Baxter
rain came today – Ian Wilson
Small Elegy – Linda Pastan
Star – George Venn
Take Hold – Merrill Leftlet
Than Time of Day – Abel Kloster
The Body Breaking – Marvin Bell
The Change – Denise Levertov
The Day Stafford Died – David Axelrod
The Man Who Drank Up Sound – Kathleen LaMear
Through The Haze – Clemens Starck
What I mistook for heather – Madeline DeFrees
Willamette – Joan Maiers

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